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About Blue Viper Disappearing Dye

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Product - Patent Pending System

Blue Viper: Technology. Science. Power. The Perfect Combination.

  • a proven, battery powered pump and motor
  • a specially-engineered micro-nozzle
  • a uniquely engineered hood system, and
  • Blue Viper's signature, specially formulated blue disappearing dye

These four elements create a dynamic system that delivers a powerful punch to eliminate unwanted plants. Blue Viper’s mist is comprised of tiny droplets between 150 and 350 microns in size–large enough so that they don’t drift and damage other plants, yet small enough maximize absorption efficiency.                                        

Engineered for Precision; Designed for Ease-of-Use.

All you do is pour any weed killer into the compact 16-ounce tank. Add a few drops of Blue Viper’s Disappearing Dye and you’re ready to go. Plus, the unique nozzle and protective hood system work together–limiting the spray area, precisely placing weed killer–invaluable when spraying in and around flowerbeds and vegetable gardens or along fences, sidewalks and house foundations.

The Blue Viper. Taking the guesswork out of home gardening.

No more forgetting where you spray, missing your target or overspraying. With Blue Viper’s vanishing dye, extended staff and mistake-proof conical head, you’ll make a direct kill. The blue dye lets you see exactly where you’ve been. The nozzle and head keep nearby plants protected. In hours, the dye vanishes. Before you know it, your garden is weed-free.