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Blue Viper was developed by 1115 Designs, a company based in Nashville, TN.   The Blue Viper is the first battery powered, precision, weed-killing sprayer with disappearing dye.

Blue Viper is part of Wabash Valley Farms, which is comprised of industry veterans who have helped to successfully deliver more than two dozen consumer products to market, including the Topsy Turvy and Whirley Pop.

The idea for the Blue Viper came when a friend asked Mike Williams (a principal in 1115 Designs) to spray her fence line to kill weeds. He thought he did a pretty good job, only to find out that he had killed the flowers she loved. Whoops.

Mike decided that wasn’t going to happen again. That’s where the Blue Viper was born.

Mike’s background is in farming, and he still owns a family farm in Northwest Indiana. Farmers have been using weed killers and dye marking systems for decades. What Mike and the folks at 1115 Designs did was to take the technology that is used on a much larger scale in farming, and reduce it down to a small tool perfect for residential use – the Blue Viper.

The Blue Viper works by combining a powerful electric pump with a specially designed hood and nozzle system. What this does is spray the right amount of herbicide – not too much – exactly where you want it.

Mike and the folks at 1115 Designs spent hundreds of hours tinkering and testing to get the system just right, which meant creating droplets between 150 and 350 microns in size. That is the perfect size for spraying herbicide.

And, they wanted to make the Blue Viper really simple. So, the average person had to be able to use it very easily: First, you pour the herbicide in the tank. Then, add an ounce of the disappearing dye, and you’re ready to go.

Step outside. Find the weeds you’re after. Press the light-touch button. And, a nice, fine mist sprays those weeds. After just a few hours, the dye dissipates. Soon after, your weeds are gone.