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Disappearing Dye

A Cost-Saving Tool Of Golf Course Greens Keepers for Years.

Using dye in weed killer is not necessarily new concept. Agriculture and golf course professionals across the country have relied on dye in herbicide to save valuable dollars.  However, some of these dyes take up to a week to dissipate. Blue Viper took that concept and improved upon it–creating an innovative disappearing blue dye designed especially for the homeowner. A dye that vanishes in hours—regardless of weather conditions.

Blue Viper’s Dye Now Gives Lawns And Gardens That Professional Look.

Now, Blue Viper has taken the secret of successful farms and world-class courses and is now making it available to you.  Whether you have a big lawn or a small vegetable or flower garden, Blue Viper and Blue Viper disappearing blue dye helps you kill weeds more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Minimize Impact On Our Environment.  Maximize Beauty To Your Home.

Blue Viper reduces impact, both ecologically and visually.  Blue Viper’s disappearing dye’s inert and pH neutral composition works well with any weed killer.  Coupled with the Blue Viper’s innovative technology, it protects the environment–limiting the amount of weed killer used. Plus, it’s both water soluble and photosensitive—disappearing from the landscape—rain or shine.