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How Blue Viper Works

Precise Placement 

Ease Of Use

Money Saving and Eco-Friendly

About Blue Viper Disappearing Dye

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The Blue Viper uses less herbicide two ways: 

    • Precise placement by the hood & nozzle system eliminates wasteful off-target overspray
    • The perfect sized drops provides a more efficient kill rate 

...this saves you time and Money!

Because most people over-apply chemicals to the point of wetting the plant, the amount of chemical used is often reduced significantly when applied with the Blue Viper Precision Sprayer and disappearing dye.
If your mix rate is 1 ounce of 41% glyphosate, along with 1 ounce of dye in a tank of solution, you will find that you can move quickly while spraying and get good coverage.  

Good coverage with this type of herbicide will appear as a light blue haze on the surface being applied. 

Eco-conscious purpose

Volume Chaart

Cost Savings

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 The Blue Viper reduces your cost
and puts less chemical into the environment!

Blue Viper Disappearing Dye* prevents over spraying!