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How One Simple, Inexpensive, Unusual Looking Tool made it Possible for Grandmother to Enjoy Keeping her Landscaping Impeccable.   

Her Story...
Grandmother had her yard mowed but they simply didn't detail the work to her satisfaction.   She also had a small garden where she loved tending to her plants and flowers, but had given up on that.  She loved to do tedious detail work know, the stuff that really makes landscaping look sharp.   However, she got to the point that it was painful for her to bend over and pull weeds.  She tried a pump sprayer but it was too heavy and cast too broad of a spray so she ended up killing precious plants the she loved.  She gave up and resigned herself that she simply couldn't do it anymore. Then one day a friend of hers told her about a simple product .... the Blue Viper Sprayer...that solved her problems.  It was light weight and she could reach hard to get to places, and didn't have to pump it up or bend over to get that one weed that really bugged her (you see she was a perfectionist).  And it used very little chemical, so the tiny tank held enough to do all her maintenance with only one fill. Needless to say she was delighted to be able to do what she loves ...keeping her home landscaping perfect!


Monticello IN


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